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Why shared mobility users enjoy using our app


Intuitive and responsive

We ran numerous tests with avid users to fully understand what they want and need from a shared vehicle app, applying our learnings to the final product.


Starts trips faster

Our app was designed to create a streamlined rental experience that could enable its users to travel from point A to B efficiently.


Creates positive experiences

We make renting vehicles convenient, with the ability to view availability through various map views, select preferred payment methods, and switch languages.

Independently customize and personalize

  • Add and modify the app with your brand identity, including images, colors, and fonts, directly from the dashboard

  • Translate texts into the languages spoken by your users in your countries of operation

  • Decide whether to release the latest app version to the public, regardless of the availability of a newer version

Simply activate and convert

  • Generate more trips from your users by sending them targeted promotions and vouchers directly to their phones with the push of a button

  • Increase revenue streams with ride passes and vouchers that are tailored to customer segments that you can create with our tags and labels system

  • Improve user experience by labelling vehicles ‘Inactive’ in the dashboard to automatically make them disappear from your app’s map in real-time

Significantly improve user engagement

  • Raise brand recognition by customizing and modifying the app, offering discounted trips, and instantly generating vouchers as part of your marketing campaigns

  • Create more conversions by notifying your users when a vehicle becomes available in their area with the Radar functionality

  • Unlock the full potential of your brand by reaching a wider audience and increasing downloads with our app, available for both iOS and Android

Increase profitability and reduce development time with our app

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