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Your foundation for successful shared mobility services

Sharing Technology

Launch effective sharing services with scooters, bicycles, mopeds and cars within days. Our technology allows to choose the right setting for your local environment. Combine free-floating with station-based systems within one platform that is easily scalable in multiple cities and countries.



Your riders can rent vehicles anywhere within a defined business Area


Station-Based Systems

Focus your fleet on several spots throughout the city


Flexibility with our IoT Partners

Choose the right vehicle for your business case. Our telematics support cars, scooters, bicycles and mopeds.

Cover the whole journey
of your Users


Create a dockless sharing service in your city. The design will be adjusted to your colors and branding.


Create a decentralised fleet for food delivery and logistic based companies. Your Couriers can easily book over the app vehicles in days in advance. Everything is managed fully through the goUrban OS.

Match our Technology
to your use-case

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    Individual Look

    We create a tailor-made app with your branding and adjust it to your market needs. Work together with a dedicated team of experienced designers.

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    Customer on-boarding and rentals

    Provide your users the best user-experience. Everything is done in the app. A fully automated sign-up process allows users to rent your vehicles immediately over the app.

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    Payment and Marketing

    You can choose the right pricing model for your market, create promotions to foster referrals between your riders and use our marketing tools to increase your revenue additionally.

Fleet Management Dashboard

Our fleet management dashboard unifies everything you need for successful operations within one place. Create an efficient customer care, manage invoices and refunds, control vehicles remotely, manage rentals, manage your maintenance team and much more. You always get an in-depth overview about the key metrics of your service.



High and modern security standards keep not authorized people from accessing your data. Our role management allows you to limit user access.


Availability & Backups

Our services are 99.9% available. We trust in the hosting technology at Amazon Web Services.

Service App

Keeping the utilization rates of your fleet high is our priority. Our tools enable you to manage your team efficiently and prioritize vehicles for maintenance within high demand areas.



Our native apps are running on Android and iOS. This gives your team a great user experience.


Route Planning

Your team can use a turn by turn navigation to reach the next vehicle on the planed tour.

Fleet Allocation AI

Our long year experience as sharing operator made us understand the key metrics of keeping the utilization rates high. Together with our team of experienced Data Scientist we are developing algorithms to predict user demand and suggest spots for vehicle relocation.


Hotspot Areas

We help our customers to increase their revenue drastically. They can see anytime hotspots of high user demand, vehicles that need to be charged as soon as possible to keep utilization high and plan their service routes based on the upcoming predicted demand.


User Experience

We know that relocating is not only about fleet managers knowing about the perfect spot for their vehicles at any time. It is also about giving nudges to their riders to relocate the vehicles for them. During collaborative projects with Universities we developed UX methods to increase the likelihood of riders relocating vehicles for you.

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