Launch effective sharing services with scooters, bicycles, mopeds and cars within days.

Develop a unique Sharing company

Optimal Maintenance

Thank to our set of practical tools you can run smoothly your maintenance operations.

For example, the Service App and data analysis empowers maintenance staff and ensures cost control of 3rd party contractors.

Targeted Marketing

Attract end users via unique marketing strategies.

For example, hyper target promotion pushes notifications to specific individual user groups. Your local knowledge of your users lets you scale

Fleet optimisation

Your fleet has more value with us. Increase your conversion rate and key metrics with our data & business analysis.

For example, dynamic systems for your fleet increase the number of trips per day and maximise the utilisation of your vehicles, therefore, your revenue

Power up your hyperlocal knowledge

We strongly believe that centralised, global systems will not solve local problems. That’s why we are keen to create with you your solution. Alongside software, we bring knowledge, to assist you leverage your know-how on what is going on in the place you want to operate in.

Our software and its features have proven to be a revenue multiplier for customers in three continents. Get in touch to know how we can actively improve your revenue model.
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