Flexible operating system for shared mobility

The goUrban platform includes all the tools and services needed to grow and scale your shared mobility business effectively

Enabling operators to grow with more freedom and fewer limitations



We commit to a service availability rate of 99.7%, ensuring uninterrupted vehicle access for your customers, which will result in better experience and higher retention rates.



Innovate on your terms with a system that can grow as your needs evolve, including support for multiple vehicle types and more.



Our modular-first approach means you can select the tools and services that best support your growth goals without the constraints of a one-size-fits-all approach.


Simplify fleet and user management with a single solution

Maximize your earning potential with our comprehensive and intuitive dashboard.

  • Reduce fraud rates

    Automatically prevent users with negative balances or account inconsistencies (e.g. name mismatch) from starting a rental with our pre-coded tags and labels.

  • Engage with your audience

    Create awareness and additional revenue with marketing functions like vouchers and ride passes, geofence promotions, and automated push notifications.

  • Make better decisions

    Gain better business insights with actionable data that can be accessed through APIs and on-demand report exports.

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White-Label App

Turn users into loyal and engaged fans

Enhance the sign-up and rental experience with our user-friendly app, branded with your identity.

  • Gain more active users

    Streamline the vehicle rental journey with a simple, conversion-optimized sign-up and rental process.

  • Increase revenue

    Boost your rentals with automated voucher functions and flexible pricing options, designed for, not only limited to use by your marketing team.

  • Decrease cancellation rates

    Offer customers an effortless rental experience by accepting the most commonly used payment methods thanks to our payment integrations.

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goService App

Ensure your fleet stays healthy and efficient

Optimize your fleet's performance with a comprehensive service app covering essential use cases, including battery swapping and onsite maintenance to workshop repairs.

  • Locate vehicles faster

    Help your service agents to find high-priority vehicles quickly with our route suggestion and locate button features.

  • Achieve maximum efficiency

    Save your team valuable time by easily flagging which vehicles need servicing according to queries you set with our in-app filtering system.

  • Boost fleet availability

    Witness firsthand how quickly your agents can get vehicles up and running again by following our three-stage process, from Approach to Deploy, in the app.

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Device cloud

Send commands directly to your vehicles anytime, anywhere

Control your vehicles and retrieve data in real-time using a single, dedicated API.

  • Gain more knowledge

    Access telematic insights about your fleet and improve your business decision making.

  • Stay always online

    Keep your vehicles connected 24/7 with optimized data plans for shared mobility.

  • Reduce negative reviews

    Save valuable time resolving connectivity issues and avoid bad user experiences with our IoT agnostic approach and in-house support.

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