Manage complex shared mobility operations with ease

Simplify the management of your operations by controlling, maintaining, and optimizing everything in real-time from a single, user-friendly dashboard

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Why fleet managers love our mobility dashboard


Easier to scale

Our dashboard has the features and functionalities you need to experience growth while remaining free to build without dependence on external development resources.


Improves operation efficiency

We pair automation with hands-on support by mobility experts to help you reduce your manual effort, overcome bottlenecks, and increase productivity.


Delivers complete flexibility

We support multiple business models, various pricing options, and powerful marketing capabilities so that you can adapt your operations to any market.

Location management, perfected

  • Replicate your operation’s organization in our dashboard with a ‘Mind Map’ branch system that provides more structure and granular control

  • Boost vehicle density and guarantee availability in high-demand places by setting limits on the number of vehicles allowed to end rentals in a chosen area

  • Easily comply with city regulations by effortlessly configuring restrictions within designated areas, including parking capacity limits to speed caps

Automated task and performance management

  • Save valuable time and resources by performing bulk updates on vehicles or users with our advanced tags system

  • Avoid receiving bad reviews caused by the rental of damaged vehicles by repairing them faster with automated impact ratings and clear service logs

  • Enable users to designate rides for business or personal reasons and create user groups to use a collective budget for rentals with the Business Account function

Multi-country management supported

  • Launch an operation in a new country that is both tax and legally compliant with a few simple clicks

  • Create a special voucher for customers who use your service in a different country than the one they registered in

  • Gain international users by translating the white-label app to select languages and by accepting multiple currencies

Control, maintain, and optimize your sharing operations faster

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