Shorten your time-to-market with our APIs

Leverage our APIs to build on top of the goUrban operating system, integrate with third-party apps and run a successful operation with fewer limitations.

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Why tech teams prefer using goUrban's APIs


Support multiple use cases

Power a wide range of shared mobility applications, from end-user app development to user impersonation for MaaS applications, and more.


Help overcome limitations

Our APIs empower you to tailor your system precisely to your specifications, so you can optimize your operations without being limited by external providers.


Ensure operational compliance

Our APIs accommodate city regulatory integrations according to MDS (v1.2.0), Google Maps integrations via GBFS (v2.2), and support multi-modality and over 20 different IoT devices.

User API and MaaS API

  • Access required resources to serve the needs of your users and make your fleet bookable with third-party applications

  • Enrich your feature list by building on top of our white-label app or build your own web app for booking vehicles using our industry proven capabilities

  • Expose your brand to more MaaS users by creating a complete rental journey that also eliminates the guesswork involved in charging MaaS providers

Operations API

  • Take advantage of a robust and flexible API designed to help you increase the availability of your vehicles

  • Enjoy the freedom to build features that improve the performance and reliability of your vehicles on top of our operating system

  • Manage your fleet, retrieve and sync data, and execute vehicle commands beyond rentals to help you stay ahead of the competition

Device API

  • Make informed decisions and ensure that your fleet is operating at peak performance by controlling your vehicles remotely and in real-time

  • Gain full IoT management capabilities, enabling you to retrieve data from your vehicles and monitor their performance

  • Send commands directly to your vehicles like start and stop, set speed limits, and perform other actions to ensure that your vehicles are operating safely and efficiently

Enhance your operations with goUrban's shared mobility APIs

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