Achieve maximum efficiency from your vehicle fleet

Rely on our goService app to enhance your fleet's performance and keep your vehicles running smoothly, ultimately reducing downtime, and increasing productivity

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Why service agents love using our goService app


Speeds the servicing process

Our app is designed to get your vehicles up and running quickly. With the goService app, recurring tasks like battery swapping and charging, are completed much faster.


Displays accurate information

We made sure that when clients use one product, the relevant information is updated and displayed on another, in real-time. Service agents see the most up-to-date vehicle and battery statuses in the app.


Intuitive and responsive

We tested the app with long-time service agents to fully understand their needs and desires from a vehicle service and maintenance app.

Timely and effective servicing and maintenance

  • Optimize battery management by monitoring the impacted vehicle on the map, filter by battery level, navigate to affected vehicles, replace batteries, and move on to the next

  • Streamline task management by prioritizing tasks, updating their progress, and collaborating with your team in real-time, all while staying on top of the workload and maximizing productivity

  • Simplify damages management within the app: report and approve damages, start repairs or mark as resolved

Extensive filters and viewing options

  • Leverage the various viewing options available in our app – including map views, search, and vehicle display – to easily identify the fastest route to reach a certain vehicle, saving your team valuable time and effort

  • Optimize your workday and ensure that vehicles operate at peak efficiency by quickly identifying which vehicles require immediate attention using a vehicle’s operational status filter

  • Save valuable time by performing the same task on multiple vehicles at once using the ‘Bulk’ commands

Real-time fleet management

  • Reduce the manual work of fleet managers with automated fleet monitoring based on triggers and actions. Set up takes minutes but more resources to focus on strategy is priceless

  • Reclaim valuable time on task creation for battery swaps or vehicle cleaning over and over with our ‘Task Templates.’ Create a task once and it will be used automatically per the use case you set it

  • Receive live and detailed activity logs from your service agents directly to the dashboard, including all actions and commands done on a vehicle that were logged by the worker in the app

Keep your vehicles running smoothly with just a few clicks

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