A Commitment from the Founders

Five years have passed since we have launched our sharing service in Vienna. Back then we were one of the first seeing the potential of micromobility to disrupt the urban transportation market. From the very beginning the eagerness burned in us to prove that city transportation has to be completely rethought from scratch.

Having ran our own sharing service in the past helps us to understand challenges of shared mobility businesses way better. We were able to adapt the perspective of operators like nobody else, and to build an operating system for shared mobility which sets technological milestones in the market.

We certainly didn't always get everything right, but we were able to internalize the operator's perspective. With this experience we were ready to shift from being an operator to building an OS, which sets technological milestones.

As a leader in a rapidly evolving shared mobility industry, we had to learn three key lessons:
  • 1

    Disrupt and reinvent ourselves again and again.

  • 2

    Be willing to take risks that others might not.

  • 3

    Our unique goUrban hustle: we treat our client’s mission as it is our own and this means going beyond contractual obligations. As our head of product said, “no matter what the expectation of us is, we do it even better. We all have the same goal – transforming mobility for the greater good.”

Despite our success today, we have seen even less than 1% of the transformed transportation market. Thanks to the public’s perception of responsible use of resources and everchanging user behavior, the demand for rethinking urban mobility towards efficiency and sustainability is growing rapidly. Especially shared mobility creates a more convenient and accessible transportation option for humans.

Achieving our vision to power shared mobility in urban transportation, corporate fleet sharing, logistics, rental services and vehicle subscription services requires a long-term commitment we are willing to undertake. This commitment is towards our clients, partners, team and towards ourselves. Through constant reflection and dedication to have an impact for a better future of transportation, every single person at goUrban is an ambassador for sustainable and efficient shared mobility.

Starting from the stated 1%, we are passionately following our vision every day: To constantly optimize the growth of our clients and commit, through our sense of entrepreneurialism, to keep providing by far the most leading technology in the shared mobility market.

We make this commitment to our employees, clients, partners and cities to achieve the common goals with responsibility, respect and openness.

  • Jonathan Gleixner

  • Bojan Jukić